July 29, 2013

Lost Dog, German Shepherd, found near Mayor World School, Urban Estate, Phase-I, Jalandhar, Punjab. Under care of Mr Rajan, contact at 09815919017 [ADOPTED]

This is Important. A Message from Raaj Multani.
Please Share.


I Have found this Lost German Shepard near Mayor world school.He is very depressed as he is away from his home and missing his home badly. So anyone knows anything can let me know.
Thanks contact person Rajan at 09815919017.

Update (Aug 02, 2013):
In Reference to the picture posted few days ago of a German Shepherd dog found near Mayor World School, Raj Multani Posted this picture and information today.

"Thank you Admin for sharing my post. and I sincerely appreciate your effort. I want to update you that , that dog has been adopted near Lamba Pind Chowk by Mr. Rinku who is also dog lover and own huge space only for dogs. He has named the Dog as "sheru".

I myself have went there for three days to monitor his health and i found he is very safe and happy there.

As many people were concerned and if u can post the information i hope everyone will get sigh of relief. Once again my heartious thanks to you and to all the Members of this community who have express their pain and gratitude for the dog".