September 7, 2006

Historical Judiciary/Religious Court (for Brahmins), currently Govt. Vet Clinic (Goraya-Nurmahal)

Located on present day Goraya-Nurmahal highway, one gets the feeling of deja vu of a temple or a religious court in minutes of being in the place. Frescoes of Gods viz. Kali Ma, rulers etc are no less than a treasure and a peek into history.

It currently serves as Govt. Vet Clinic, though the heritage value and tourist potential of the place, with water filled pond, stair case (like Haridvar's), deep wells, halls, frescoes is being lost.

Kind request to alert citizen, N.R.I., historians, academicians, govt. officials and Archeological Survey of India ( in particular to consider aiding in justice to this magnificient court having marks of history.

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