September 1, 2006

Roadside jaggery ("gur") manufacture, captured en route a family trip

Shot from within car

Mom, the motor from which juice is being extracted

Motor, you could see the fan belt, just like they have on rehris, though lesser heavy duty than this

Yours truly, GopalHi.. and the head of this family

Bagasse, heaped to be laid out for drying

Dried bagasse

Raw sugarcane

Motor and the tent in which the family lives

(center)Chimney, (right)Kitchen

Piles of sugarcane

Some animals too, I remember they had some dogs too, don't know if they were attracted by the food or were they pet, but they were definitely being liked by them, and us too...

Huge adjacent pans, heated from bottom by burning the residual, dried bagasse, where the jaggery is made

Chimney close up

Inlet of Furnace

What's cooking?? (gur khichri)