September 25, 2006

Niku Park, Model Town, Jalandhar City

Niku Park once had a lovely ambiance long time ago but somehow had deteriorated for past couple of years but recently (maybe some change in admininstration or else), it has regained its stature as cheap nature garden or a mini amusment park.

For a measly Rs2/- per person as entry fee (also Rs2/- for scooter parking, if you would want to park it inside) you will enjoy large open space, some beautiful fountains, candy/popcorn stall, five or six rides like cups and saucers, roller coaster etc, children's train, caterpillar etc (Rs10/- per ride/popcorn/candy).

Being in one of the most active colonies of Jalandhar-Model Town, Niku Park is easily accessible.

Expect calm soothing environment and more, you could sit quietly on the grass or scream on the roller coaster. Since adjacent to Model Town market, going for some shopping, gheri etc is no problem.

If you would like to see community, weekends esp sunday are the best days to go. on other days expect less rush.

Take your camera with you, for instance, photos with fountain behind you are really worth taking.

[photos dated 2006]
Scooter parking. You could see the cups-&-saucers ride and the fountain

The left extremity of the Niku Park, overlooking from the scooter parking (the right portion covered by cups-&-saucers)

The only (real...-) animals kept nowadays, ducks - old timers would recall they had number of cages keeping live birds, rabbits etc. Now, they have innumerable slides for kids in shapes of elephants, giraffes etc.

I believe this development is good for animals as well as its management.

The central water pool

The fountain adjoining the canteen


Yours truly, Gopal:-) and the swings, spring seats...

Beautiful and cute paintings on the head of merry-go-round

Noddy and Mr. Plod

Tom and Jerry


Bumpy dog and Noddy

Tessie bear

And many more...

Bye bye!

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